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Step 1: Submit Application and Other Important Documents
  • Application: Fill out and submit application to Smith & Noble (apply online now or download form)
  • Background Consent: Fill out and submit the Background Consent form (download form)
  • Driver’s License: Fax a copy of your driver’s license
  • Price List: Fax a copy of your current price list
Step 2: Processing
  • Smith & Noble runs background check
  • Smith & Noble negotiates pricing with you
  • You identify territories of interest for service coverage
  • You fax copies of the following documents to Smith & Noble:
    • Business License or Business Card or Business Sample Ad
    • Evidence of Contractor License (if applicable)
    • Completed W-9 (download form)
    • Insurance certificates (view sample)
    • General Liability Insurance Certificate
    • Auto Liability Insurance Certificate
    • Workers Compensation Certificate or Waiver Form (download waiver form)
Step 3: Offer Agreement
  • Smith & Noble verifies background check
  • You complete a client specific procedural test
  • Smith & Noble offers you an agreement
  • You accept the agreement and mail the signed original to Smith & Noble
Step 4: Finalize Agreement
  • Smith & Noble executes the agreement and sends you a copy
  • Smith & Noble conducts an orientation session with you over the phone

Welcome to Smith & Noble!